Reflect On Your Anger Management - Tame Your Beast

Reflect On Your Anger Management - Tame Your Beast

Almost a third of people polled (32%) say they have a close friend or family member who has trouble controlling their anger. If you want to deal with your anger, then keep reading...


Many people struggle with controlling their anger that can have a considerable effect in their professional and personal lives. If you struggle with controlling your anger, your thoughts can be very destructive, and if not controlled, is where issues can manifest. If we don't do something about it, your anger will sabotage your life.


In this book, you will discover:


  • How to control 'the beast'
  • 100 days of anger reflection
  • 10-day reviews
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Positive Psychology
  • Action planning for the future
  • Positive thinking
  • A more controlled mindset


We believe you should lead your life and even if you have struggled with some aspects of yourself, you can address it and change if you choose to. Writing a journal is a great step in this journey. Our journals ask coaching questions every day to guide you.


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